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How to Make Your Own Homemade

Catfish Bait

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Have you ever been fishing and witnessed someone catching all the fish? I have many times. I get inquisitive when I see someone hauling in stringers full of fish. Occasionally, I have asked about their secret techniques regarding equipment and bait.

A lot of times, I will get a polite smile and response such as "just lucky today" or "you know…same ol' stuff." I'll ask what type of bait is usually when I get the silent treatment. The typical response is, "sorry, secret family recipe," or "if I tell you, I'll have to kill you."

Through the years, I have collected usefull beneficial info about fishing baits. The most important realization was that the people catching the most fish were not using store-bought tricks. It seems that they made their baits.

Some anglers in the past divulged some secrets about their baits. I thank them for it. I have developed my formulas, but this is not the time or place to reveal them. However, I have compiled the main ingredients in the most potent catfish bait formulas.

I want to encourage you to develop your formulas based on these ingredients found below. You will notice that these ingredients are easy to find. You can find the majority of the supplies at a well-stocked grocer.

When developing your formulas, do not use all the ingredients listed. Just take three or four items and see what happens. You are not bound to the items listed below. Feel free to test others.

Testing is the most important critical aspect of making your bait. You will need to test your homemade bait several times because maybe on a particular day, the fish aren't biting, or there are no fish, or some other variable that has nothing to do with the potency of the bait. Bring several batches of your baits on your fishing outing and test several to increase your chances of success.

Another tip is to write everything down. You don't want to develop bait and find it successful only to realize that you forgot how to make it. Also, you can make batches of bait for literal pennies a pound. You may store the sets in zipper plastic bags in the freezer.

Since these ingredients are for developing catfish bait, I will warn you ahead of time to do your experimenting in the garage or outdoors because some of the elements have a pungent smell, and some create a mess.

1) Uncooked oatmeal - famous as a base (keeps all the ingredients together in a doughy mixture)

2) Baking flour - another popular base

3) Corn and wheat flakes or similar types of cereals - base to keep the bait on the hook

4) Water - required in most cases to help make the mixture workable

5) Garlic salt - found in most store-bought baits (probably a good idea if you used it also)

6) Garlic powder - similar to salt but may alter the fish attractant properties

7) Can of tuna - found in many homemade bait recipes. Maybe the old timers know something.

8) Anise oil extract - almost a requirement for all types of fishing bait

9) meats from the meat counter (raw livers, brains, fish parts) - the more blood, the better

10) canned or packaged meats such as cat food, dog food, spam, sandwich meats, and hot dogs - an alternative to the raw meats

11) cheeses - smellier the better - think Limburger or rotten cheddar

12) miscellaneous - fish food pellets, cattle feed pellets, molasses, gelatin mixes, can of corn, strawberry soda, bbq sauce

13) Zipper storage bags are great for mixing ingredients, storing, and taking to the fishing hole.

Remember, if it smells, is bloody, or rotted, it might be a great addition to your catfish bait formula. I hope this information will get you started developing your secret catfish bait.

The most important tip of all is to remember to have fun. Share the experience with your family and friends. Have contests on who catches the most fish with their bait. I guarantee you will remember the fishing stories for the rest of your life.


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