How can I become a wild boar hunter?


Ever since very distant times, people have hunted boars for both need and pleasure, but the custom has remarkably kept its meanings and quintessence all the way through. Although today hunting is done very differently compared to the times when it was firstly practices, in Persia, people hunting hogs are just as enthusiastic about it. If anyone decides to give this hunting variety a shot, then he should know that the risks of unpleasant incidents are higher than in the case of other hunting types, but also that the satisfaction could make the risks seem far too unimportant to make a difference.

A clear rule must be set from the very beginning: never will you approach a boar in a way that will put your safety into peril. To emphasize this, you should know that hogs tend to become aggressive when threatened, especially when their cubs (or piglets) are around, although they are quite tranquil in general. These creatures are well-known for their fighting spirit, being fierce and fearless when confronting an enemy. Therefore, avoid becoming that enemy by setting an appropriate distance between you and the boar, or try to establish a cover spot far from a certain trail that boars frequent. This implies, studying their routes, either by making notes as you watch their habits for a reasonable period of time or by asking landowners and locals about this.

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In fact, preparation plays a big part in the hunting game, perhaps the most important one of them all. Knowing the places where boars come often, either to feed, play or mate is vital to any hunting experience. This can be easily overcome by having a more experienced boar hunter lead you to the best places in the area. For a beginner hunter, every little part of the forest is much the same, with no particularities, but a skilled hunter can easily predict the boars' routines just by glancing at the most apparently unimportant signs. Foot signs are a clue to whether a wild boar has been in a specific place recently or the signs are older. Also, remember that boars usually frequent places easy to get to, away from any bedding areas and, if possible, right next to trails and flounders; routine is a particularity of their moving habits, so if you find a good place to lay your bait don't move, because chances are another boar will come shortly.

This takes us to the least enjoyable part of boar hunting: preparing and placing the bait. Made out of corn, the bait will lure hogs towards a deep whole you've dug beforehand. With their exceptional smelling qualities, hogs will not resist the chance of a free meal even if far away. Often they will gather in great numbers, but this is not desirable as they will finish all the food before you can get the chance to shoot. Furthermore, remember to stay as far as possible to the baiting place (as human scent will most likely be detected by the creatures and it will freak them out), while still having a comfortable range shot ahead.

All in all, wild boar hunting is an old hunting practice, but it's surprising everyone with its staying power over time. Although it takes much courage and patience, people all over love hunting hogs wherever and whenever possible. If you plan on being one of them arm yourself with more than firepower and let the legend of boar hunting live on.