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Bass Fishing At Night - An Effective

Way To Fish

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What do you think of when thinking of Bass fishing? The classic image? Bass fishing is just lying around in a fishing boat in the middle of a lake on a sunny afternoon. However, some intelligent bass enthusiasts have discovered that the best way to get great bass during the summertime is by fishing in the dead of night. There are many reasons why night fishing for bass is a great idea, so if you haven't tried fishing at night yet, give it a try and be ready to reel in some big ones. Summer is the most popular time of the year for fishing, which has both positive and negative aspects. Bait and equipment are in such demand during the warmer months of the year. These supplies are plentiful and easy to find as retailers stock up due to getting the best tackle supplies to the public.

As fishermen flock to the nearest lakes or streams all over the country, all too often, the peace and quiet of the sport become quite noisy as a multitude of fishermen jockey for position on the same waters. Summertime crowds take away the fun of bass fishing at times. Deciding to fish at night, you will never run into a problem of overcrowding. Only a small percentage of fishermen hit the water at night. You shouldn't have trouble finding a body of water offering plenty of solitude and a steady supply of fish that is just there for the taking.

Bass fishing at night can prove to be a kind of fisherman's jackpot because of the habits of the bass themselves. Bass prefer to stay calm, so they tend to head for the deepest waters they can find during midday and afternoon heat. The deeper down in the water the fish are hanging out, the harder they are to catch. This in itself will lead to fruitless afternoons of sitting in the sweltering heat and acquiring very few bass. However, during the cooler nighttime hours, the bass comes more readily into shallow waters. This means that they are easier for fishermen to find and hook.

Bass fishing at night can be much more rewarding than snagging these elusive creatures during the day. There are some disadvantages to night fishing. One problem that many fishermen are surprised by during a late-night excursion is the insects. Packing some bug repellent to help you emerge from your night on the water without falling prey to mosquitoes and other warm-weather pests. Another issue is safety. Spending time in a boat with low visibility due to the lack of light can be very dangerous than boating during the day. Make sure to take all of the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your fishing buddies.


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